Who doesn’t like cash?

There are a number of programs for cash back rewards on credit cards, and we hear about them on television and radio regularly. Those cards usually carry high interest, annual fees, hidden fees, or a combination of these.

Did you know you can generate cash back for your shopping without incurring those nasty charges? Mostly online programs, some with the option of accessing their programs while doing your brick-and-mortar shopping, are rampant online. Here is one I like a lot:

ShopAtHome Banner

I have mentioned online points programs in the past, and I still use them often. However, depending on what I’m shopping for, the deals with cash back programs such as these can be more lucrative. In fact, if you don’t hate toolbars, some will even credit your account simply for downloading their toolbar. That can make easier to find and access this free money quite quickly while it’s tailored to your own shopping preferences.  Do understand cookies, which these sites will place on your computer, and know that while you can delete them at any time, you’ll need to accept them again to get your credit while doing your shopping.

Shop At Home also includes printable grocery and brick-and-mortar store coupons and other methods of making your shopping experience better. With a mobile app, you can compare prices as you browse and, if you find a better deal, make the purchase from an online vendor. Your cash back will be credited to your account within a couple of days of your purchase, and you’ll receive your check after you reach a fairly small minimum in your account. Currently, that is $20 at Shop At Home. You’ll receive a $5 credit for joining, and if you download the toolbar, another $5. You’re halfway there and you haven’t spent a dime!

Another such program I like is:

( if you want to be sweet, use this link:  http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=nW9kkAKagmM%3D )

Simply starting your online shopping through this site allows you a myriad of ways to find the best site for both savings and cash back. You can search for those offers for free shipping, by the percentage of cash back from your purchases, alphabetically by your chosen site, and more. You can often combine offers, as well, and coupons or offers still generate your “rebate.”


These are not the only programs out there, either,   Google “online cash back sites” and see what you find.  There are many sites such as http://www.befrugal.com/cashback/, http://www.topcashback.com/, and http://www.extrabux.com/.  There is a surprising number of sites to compare cash back sites.  Go figure.


You know how nice it is to get paid. Go get ya some!


4 thoughts on “Who doesn’t like cash?

  1. I am a big fan of our Discover Card (we pay it off each month) but have amassed a large amount of cash back money over the years. Have used a lot of it and are saving up for some larger purchases. I may have to consider some of these other options!

    • LOVE our Discover card. I also like that I can shop with the Discover cashback on Amazon…and a few other places, but Amazon is a weakness…LOL…and Amazon is always listed on these cash back sites, too!

    • That’s the hard part for most people, although it seems our sagging economy is bringing with it some good, if hard lessons. I understand more people are paying off their cards monthly, and I just saw the other night that 29% of Americans no longer own a credit card. Though I have always wondered about the use of the term “own” when it comes to those pieces of plastic. 😉

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